Thursday, March 4, 2010


Isn't that one of the most AWFUL words - one that a person never expects to hear, because it happens to other people, not yourself. Well, I went to my post appointment today and found out that my thyroid had cancer in it. It caught me off guard, but it didn't shake me. Maybe because God has been gearing me for this as He's taken me through these last weeks, and I've had to deal with fear issues. God gave me a verse, and I'm still holding onto it even now! Isaiah 43:4 "Do not fear, for I AM with you!!!"

I truly believe that God's hand has been in this all along. This didn't take Him by surprise. He's known it!! Most people only have half of their thyroid removed, only to find out it was cancerous, and then they have to open them back up to remove the other half. They removed my whole entire thyroid because it was so large. Therefore, they removed ALL of the cancer. All of my lymph nodes came back negative, so the doctor feels like all of it was contained in my thyroid. He explained to me that there are three things they do when they get results back like this. The first thing is that they remove the thyroid. The second is they start you on Synthroid. And thirdly, you have to drink this radioactive stuff. Considering the first two have already been taken care of, I only have to do the last of the three. I won't start that for about another 4 weeks or so.

Once again, I covet your prayers! Thank you so much!!

Added March 5, 2010
As I reflected over my post this morning, it dawned on me about HOW God answered one of my prayers I had before the surgery. I had been praying that God would keep me protected from cancer, and it dawned on me that HE DID!! You see, I had cancer BEFORE my surgery, and I didn't know it. Now after my surgery, it's GONE!!! He PROTECTED me from it!!! You know, He amazes me so many times!!!! I'm so glad I serve an all knowing, ever protective God who loves me more than I could ever imagine!!! And I think, if I had known I had cancer before the surgery, it would have made me worry more than I did!! Thank you, Jesus!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Snow!

I could hardly believe it yesterday when it started snowing!!! We had had some beautiful spring days, and it just surprised me! It didn't stick but just for a short bit. Then by the time it DID start sticking, it began to rain, and it melted. The flakes were BIG and BEAUTIFUL as they fell, and I was able to get a few shots with my camera from standing at the doorway. As much as I LOVE snow, I hope we're done for the winter. Come on spring!!!