Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, what do you know? I learned something today. (Thanks, K!) October is National Pizza Month, so we (K's family and our family) all ate pizza "together." My mom, brother, sister-in-law, neice, nephew, and my family enjoyed celebrating at Columbo's. Check out the picture of my neice. She really enjoyed her chocolate chip pizza!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pastor Appreciation Day

This past Sunday, October 26 was Pastor Appreciation Day at our church. Although we appreciate him, it was a sad time for all of us. It was he and his family's last day with us, as they have been called to another church. I knew it would be sad, but I didn't realize how hard it would be later on. Even now as I type this, my eyes are swelling up with tears. It's hard when you become close to someone and then something seperates you. Even though it was for a good reason and yes, they are only a couple of hours away, I can't touch them or see them at least 3 times a week. :o) Their absence is like a hole. It's hard to get used to.

Another reason, you see is that our pastor's wife and I are cousins. In our much younger days we spent a good bit of time together. We married and had families of our own and became a little disconnected. We didn't see each other or even talk to each other much, but a little over 7 years ago, we were called to this church for my husband to be the music minister. We connected again. Then there weren't too many young couples there, so we became close again, sharing in common interests, miracle births, baptism, and raising children. She has been a great encouragement to me over these last several years, and I know that she will be an encouragement to some other ladies as she makes friends in her new church. :o)

I think this is one of the parts that "scares" me the most with ministry - making friends, and God leading you on to another place. I pray that when that time comes for my husband and I, God will use people to encourage us as we take that "Leap of Faith." :o)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Looking for a good movie??? Then you have just got to see Fireproof. It's by the same people who wrote Facing the Giants and Flywheel. It stars Kirk Cameron and is just an awesome movie. Make sure you take your tissues with you. (sniff)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Day Late

This was supposed to be posted yesterday (Tuesday, Oct. 21), but it's a day late. :o)

We went back to Dollywood for the last time this trip. We saw the Skyline Boys. They were okay. Then we met Mama and Aunt D. for lunch at Backstage Restaurant, and I had that AWESOME salad again!!!

After lunch we all went to hear The Perry's. They were great. I had glory bumps during several of their songs. I even got to meet Libbi and talk with her after the show. They all are super nice and love the Lord so much. You can hear it when you just talk to them, and you can hear it in their songs, too. I'm actually working on one of their songs right now called "The Potter Knows the Clay." The song talks about all the trials we go through and how God knows how much we can bear. It's through those trials that we become stronger.

We then went to ride the train, while Mama and Aunt D. went to another show. After we rode the train, Stinkerbelle and I rode the Scrambler, which is our FAVORITE ride, while Daddy and Monkey Boy rode the Bumper Cars. We then joined the boys at the bumper cars for a little spin. Stinkerbelle couldn't leave Dollywood until she had ridden the Shooting Star one last time, so she did.

Coming home down the mountain was rather exciting. We saw a baby deer, and further down the rode we saw a bear lying dead on the side of the rode. We turned around to go back to see it. We found out that a couple in a car had hit the bear, and the bear had hit their windsheild, busted it, and then rolled down the hill to where he was lying. This couple's airbags had deployed, too, and they couldn't get any help because there was no cell phone signal!!! We along with another couple kept trying to dial 911, but there was no service until we got nearly into Cherokee. In the meantime of going back to see the bear, Monkey Boy became sick. We had to pull over several times on the way home so he could throw up. I felt so sorry for him. I just hate it when my children are sick.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The "Lists"

We went back to Dollywood again today (Oct. 20), but before we had even left the room, Stinkerbelle and Monkey Boy both had their own agendas. They each had made a list of the rides they wanted to ride. (It was kind of funny. They see Mom making all kinds of lists all the time.) Monkey Boy's list contained 3 pictures - one of the bumper cars, one of the train, and one of Rockin' Roadway (aka the cars they can drive by themselves). We rode all of those but the train. Stinkerbelle, being the one who lives a little more dangerously when it comes to rides, drew a picture of bumper cars, Rockin' Roadway, Sky Rider, Scrambler (my favorite), and the Shooting Star. We were able to get all of hers in.

The horse you see in the picture was used in making sorghum syrup. The kids tried a sorghum syrup sucker. They said it was good. :o)

We heard Jeff and Sherri Easter again today, and this evening we heard Mike and Kelly Bowling. Kelly used to sing with the Crabb family. Both of those couples were great!!

For lunch, Daddy and I had an awesome salad from Backstage Restaurant. It's called Dolly's Smoky Mountain Salad. It was DELICIOUS!!!!! We got the salads to go so that Monkey Boy could have his pizza fix and Stinkerbelle have her noodles with alfredo sauce at Victoria's Pizza.

Later my mom and aunt (D) came up, and we met them at Cracker Barrel for supper - veggies, veggies, and more veggies - my favorite!!!!

Daddy and I made a quick round to the bookstore and then went back to the motel to get ready for bed.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blessed Day

We have had an awesome day today. We went to a worship service at Dollywood with the Kingdom Heirs.

We then had lunch at Aunt Granny's. It's a little on the pricey side, but we wanted veggies so that's about one of the only places that has them. The kids like it because they have ice cream. :o)

Next, we rode bumper cars, and I must say that Stinkerbelle and I got an extra hit in on Daddy and Monkey Boy. :o) After that, Daddy and Stinkerbelle went to ride Sky Rider, but since Monkey Boy and I do not prefer heights, we rode The Flying Elephants. I know what you're thinking. Yes, the elephants fly, but you control the flying, and they don't go up as high as Sky Rider. Monkey Boy informed me that we were not going to fly this time, but I convinced him otherwise. Actually, his hand was covering the button to make it fly, so I pressed HIS hand into it. He didn't mind. He always mashes it anyway, even after he's told me he doesn't want to fly.

Off to get in line to see Jeff and Sherri Easter we went. What a blessing!! You can tell that they love each other and their family so much, but most of all, you can tell that they love the Lord. Sherri was diagnosed back in July of this year with breast cancer, and she's finished up her 3rd round of chemo and is said to be cancer free. Praise the Lord!!!!

We left Dollywood, did a little shopping, and had supper at IHOP.

Monkey Boy had caused a little problem at the supper table, so he and Daddy went to take care of business in the restroom, while Stinkerbelle and I went to pay. One thing Daddy told Monkey Boy as they were meeting was that he needs to make sure his hands don't get him into trouble. Well, around the cash register was play cars and trucks, and as I was paying, Monkey Boy picked up his hands and told them, "I know you want to touch those cars and trucks, but you better not." We'll see how long that works.

I have more photos to post, but I am zapped, so I will try to upload some tomorrow to this post.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mountain Memories

Today we went to Dollywood with a mission: find Monkey Boy a belt that can have buckles interchanged (what he wanted as to be like Daddy's) and to see a couple of shows. We first saw Brian Free and Assurance. Later on we saw Soul'd Out Quartet. We enjoyed both groups.

In between the 2 shows we found Monkey Boy's belt and belt buckle. (See picture below.) He is very proud of this belt.

We had barbecue for lunch at the Hickory House in Dollywood, and it was very good!!

We also rode the old-time cars that Monkey Boy and Stinkerbelle can both ride by themselves. Daddy rode also while Mom made pictures. :o)

It was a good day.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Blogging in the mountains

We arrived in the mountains this afternoon. It was a beautiful drive up here. The leaves were gorgeous in the spots that we could see. The only problem is that I have no pictures. It was so foggy that it blocked all the scenery except what was right up on us. It was still pretty, though. God knows how to paint such beautiful pictures for us. I hope to get some photos over the next few days.

It was a rather low key evening. We did a little outlet shopping and had supper at Cracker Barrel- veggies- yummo!! We are planning for a big day at Dollywood tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another funny

Stinkerbelle informed me tonight that sometime "before Mema (G) dies" (her words, not mine), she wants the 3 of us to get together for a bubble blowing contest with bubble gum. She then proceded to say, "Well, maybe while she's still living we can do that." (I almost ran off the road.) :o)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes....

I want to keep a record of the cute sayings and prayers of my children. Unfortunately, I've forgotten some, because I didn't write them down. :o( I did, however, write some down, so as time allows, I'll post them as I come across them.

This is from Monkey Boy's prayer a few weeks ago (Sunday AM, 9-14-08). I had woke up on Friday morning with my right eye bleeding on the inside. No, you can't see the blood, but I know it by the way I see things when that happens. It's like I'm looking through a piece of Saran Wrap in my right eye. Anyway, Monkey Boy was concerned and prayed, "God, I pray you would help Mama's eye feel better, and I pray that you would make the blood drain out. I wish you would do it right now, but you can do it whenever you want. "