Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, C.!

C. turned 8 yesterday, and out of all the places he had to choose from, he wanted to eat at Taco Bell. I mean he didn't even want to go to a "real" Mexican restaurant. Without trying to sway him, I named every restaurant in our whole town just in case he had forgotten any, and he STILL chose Taco Bell. It was his birthday and his choice, so we all obliged.

I should have started interviews several years ago, but I didn't, so I wanted to go ahead and start doing it this year since children change so much over time. Here are the replies of a certain 8 year old boy:

What is your favorite...
Food? Cheese Pizza
Color? blue...AND green
Song? Jesus Loves Me
TV Show? Phineas and Ferb Why? because they build things like me
Movie? Fireproof
Bible Verse? John 3:16
Toy? Legos and big fire truck
Animal? dog, cat, and lion
Friend? Austin and Aaron
Meat? turkey
Veggie? tomatoes
Ice Cream? chocolate chip cookie dough
Dessert? brownies
Cake? chocolate with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles
Drink? green tea
Automobile? blue 4 door Dodge "dually" truck
Game? Wii Baseball
Number? 100 Why? because I might die then and go to Heaven
Sport's team? Carolina Panthers Why? because they're famous and cool
Thing to Wear? "All of my clothes because without them I would be naked."
Sport? baseball
Place to Eat? Pizza Hut
Person You Most Admire? Dad
Thing to Do with Mom? go shopping
Thing to Do with Dad? sit in his lap and watch tv
Thing to Do with S.? build with Legos
Place to Go? Monkey Joe's
Thing to Do at the Beach? play in the ocean on my boogie board
Thing to Do in the Mountains? ride bumper cars at Dollywood

I hope your birthday was great!!! You are becoming such a sweet young man, and I know God has very special plans for your life. You are Truly a miracle!! What a blessing you are to me. I love your hugs and kisses, especially when I don't have to ask for them! :) You will always be my favorite boy, "Harry!" I love you to the moon and back and then some!!! Happy birthday, my sweet son!!