Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happenings and Reflections

I've been thinking about blogging, and I finally decided to give it a try. I thought it might be a way to document the happenings in our lives. Life is busy that's for sure.

Daddy C.'s work schedule keeps him busy, and he will soon be continuing with his studies. The school is held only one day/evening a week at a local church. He's hoping to cram a 2 year degree into 4 years. I think he will make a pretty good pastor.

Monkey Boy will be having a birthday in a couple of weeks. It's hard to believe he will be turning six. Where does time go?? Each day I look at him and am reminded of what a miracle he truly is. I could have never dreamed of such a miracle happening, but God is so good!!! A few weeks ago he broke a bone in his hand when he fell while we were on vacation. We had to have the paramedics come to our place to take a look at it and advise us on what to do since by the time we got back to our room, it had started to swell. They bandaged him up and told us to take him to urgent care the next day. The x-ray showed that he had a small fracture in his hand, but not bad enough to be put in a cast - just a brace. Our pediatrician told him to wear it for 2 weeks and be careful for 6 weeks. No playing goalie on the soccer team for a few weeks!!!!

Stinkerbelle is all into butterflies. She, too, is growing so fast. Recently she had to have two of her teeth pulled to make room for her permanent teeth (She was a trooper.), and we're looking at braces down the road. She just had her hair cut short, and it looks so good!! She loves to sing, and now she and her friend (and cuz) K. have a "band." That's what they call it anyway. They make up songs and are supposed to be writing them down so they can sing them. She amazes me at times with the words she comes up with, glorifying the Lord. I am also reminded everyday of the miracle it is to have her as well.

I can't help but think of the promise in Psalm 113:9 "He settles the BARREN woman in her home as a happy MOTHER of CHILDREN. Praise the Lord." That wouldn't make sense to some, but it explains the miracles God had for me (us)!! :o)

I go tomorrow for a stress test. I've never had one done, but given my risk factors, the doctor and I thought it to be a good idea. I'm a little nervous as it takes 5 hours, and I have to fast the entire time!! Nothing after midnight tonight!!!! I just pray that my blood sugar holds up and doesn't go wacko on me.


Kelly said...

Too cool that you have a blog--Cuz K will appreciate the plug for their "band".  I hear the stress test was...stressful.  I'm glad there aren't any big problems, though (apparently).Love ya!Kelly

all4memories said...

Yeah, I would like for them to TELL me there are no problems, but you know how that goes. What troubled me was as I sat there in the waiting room in between times, the ambulance pulled up twice and carted 2 people out the door. Needless to say, that was troubling. My heart went out to both of them, but especilly the "grandpa." I got really concerned and troubled for him.

Carolyn L. said...

So great that C. is working toward being a pastor. He will make a wonderful one. You are truly blessed with your children. I remember so well the days of your "longing for children." Praise God for miracles.

So great to hear from you. Love the idea of a blog. I need to learn how to do one. I especially needed one after Roger and I took a trip out West for 22 days: Badlands, SD; Mt. Rushmore, SD; Yellowstone, MT & WY; Grand Teton National Park, WY; Las Vegas (just for a rest stop), NV; North Rim Grand Canyon, AR; Mt. Evans, CO.

I don't know if you knew that Roger retired last year and I finished up this past May. We are praying for God's direction. We feel that God has provided this opportunity in our lives to go and do anything he wants us to do. We desire to be in his perfect will.

I guess you know that "my baby", Leah, is getting married in October. I can't believe all my children are grown and soon all will be married. They are all involved in church using the talents God has given them. Hold those babies tight. They grown up way too fast and before you know it, they are out on their own.

We think of you often and always with a warm glow of sunshine from heaven.

God bless,

Carolyn L.