Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Stand

I must say that I am very concerned about the upcoming election. Everywhere, people are talking about the almighty dollar, healthcare, the war, etc. But what is really the main issue? None of the above mentioned subjects matters. Educational background of candidates doesn't matter. Color doesn't matter. We can't take the dollar with us, but we can take human lives with us. We live in a very immoral country, and yet we continue to pass laws that forsake all that we were founded upon. It's a SPIRITUAL battle.

One of the main issues that really burdens me is the killing of unborn babies, and yes, it's killing!! Now we have the democratic side who says disregard human life and kill those babies (Obama and Biden both suupport abortion). Isn't killing murder??? Yes!!! If we legalize abortion, we will be legalizing murder!! Sounds horrible doesn't it, but that's exactly what we would be doing. Someone says well, it's going to happen anyway, we might as well legalize it. Well, killing will continue to go on as long as we are here on earth, but are we going to legalize murder? I would like someone to look my 2 beautiful children in the eye and tell them it's okay to kill someone when my Bible tells me, "Thou shalt not kill." And yet that's abortion. Those innocent lives cannot speak for themselves. There are people all around who would love to adopt if given the opportunity. We were there one time, wanting to adopt. I'm so thankful that we were able to possibly help someone make one of the toughest choices she may ever have to make. I applaud any woman, no matter her circumstances, who chooses life for her unborn baby. That's not taking the easy way out. She's made a tough decision, and she needs support.

I'll humbly step off my soap box now. Please pray for this election. We will all be held accountable for the way we vote. If we vote for people who support abortion, we are supporting abortion, but if we vote for someone who doesn't support abortion, we are supporting life. Think about it.

No matter the outcome of this election, I know that MY GOD is in control.

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