Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kudzu Kreations

We are doing all kinds of fun things this summer. One of them is participating in our local library's summer reading program. On Wednesday, Jume 10, Nancy Basket was at the library to teach us about her trade, making baskets. However, we didn't make a basket, but a bird's nest. She had stems of kudzu (who knew?) that we were supposed to strip until it was thin enough to make something. She instructed us on how to make the bird's nest bottom, and then she showed us how to make the sides of the nest. All the kids enjoyed it, and I believe the adults did, too. :o) We found out that Ms. Nancy has a house in her backyard that she built from kudzu, so maybe there's some use for all the kudzu that's around after all. :o)

After the nest making, we went in to check out some books. The kids and one of their friends decided to make use of the rug in the floor and read one of their books. :o) We all had a good time and learned alot, too.


mamanugget said...

That was so fun, enjoyed hanging out with y'all on that beautiful morning. Great pictures!

longge said...

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