Saturday, April 24, 2010

LOL + LOF = Good Times

What happens when Living Out Loud and Leap OF Faith get together? Good laughs, good food, and good times!!!

It was so nice to finally see Leap Of Faith and her crew this weekend. It had been about a year since we had seen them, so we had alot of catching up to do. The funny thing is, I still don't feel like we got "caught up". It was nice, however, to let the kids play together while all of us adults chatted. Hopefully it won't be another year before we see them again!!!

Pictures will soon follow................ 8)

P.S. Happy Birthday, K.!!!!!


Kelly said...

Oh dear, be careful what pictures you put up!!! lol
We had a terrific time Back Home and it was great to see y'all!

all4memories said...

hee hee hee

Kelly said...

What were you thinking!?!? lol

all4memories said...

I was thinking, "I love you!" 8)

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