Friday, June 18, 2010

A Wet Kind of Day...

I loved the animals that were put together with pots at Dollywood. Here's a snake. No, I'm not calling my son a snake!! LOL

It was so hot and humid at Dollywood that we chose one day to just ride all water rides... (Well, I didn't!) Hey, someone's got to make pictures!!!

Everyone loved riding River Rampage...the first time. (heh heh heh) Daddy and I didn't ride either time, so we found something more fun to do - we discovered the blasters. The blasters are associated with a colored flag along the "trail" that the boat takes. Well, you put a quarter in the slot right as the boat is coming by that colored flag, and the ones you love the most get "blasted" with water! Timing is everything!!

This is River Battle, and, yes, it is a battle to ride...or not! Let me explain. You see, those of us who are innocently standing by to make pictures of our loved ones can be "shot" with water guns assigned to each person on the boat. Now let me just say, these people that "shoot" you may or may NOT know you. Acquaintance is NO factor in this ride. You can innocently be passing by and get pretty wet! What makes it cool, though, is that those who are on the outside of the ride can "shoot" back if he is standing at one of the "guns" along the outside. It makes for a pretty interesting ride, and one that you have to be prepared for because you will definitely get sopping wet!!! I became highly offended when someone I didn't know "shot" me!!! All I wanted was to get some good shots of my family as they rode this ride!! I ran away and started pouting and sucking my thumb. How dare someone wet me that I didn't even know, and HOW DARE THEY WET MY CAMERA!!!!!!! I was finally able to calculate where I could stand and NOT get myself or my camera wet and just use the zoom feature! LOL This was the last wet ride of our day because you get so wet. You've pretty much had your shower for the day, so you might as well put on fresh, dry clothes and continue on your journey. Or you could pay $3.00 for the family dryer and get dried off!! Ha!

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