Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thomas Kinkade and Kite Flying

May 2, 2009 held a busy day for us. We started out learning about Thomas Kinkade in the kids' art class. I even learned something myself. Did you know that he hides his 4 daughter's initials or first name (Merritt, Chanler, Winsor, and Everett) in every one of his paintings?? I didn't know that either, but now when I see his art it will give me another reason to "study" his work.

One of the activities I enjoy most with my children is flying a kite. It's a very relaxing activity (most of the time), and they are in awe as the kite soars through the air. On this extremely busy day, we decided to take a little break and enjoy some time together just having fun.

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