Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Kid At Heart

I stayed up waaaaaay too late last night to play this new Wii game my children bought. I'm paying for it now in two ways. The first consequence is obvious - I'm tired!! The second one is not obvious at all, but I can seriously FEEL it! My arms are sooooo sore!!! "Why?" you ask. Well, after playing some of the Toy Story Mania games, in order to score extra points, one must shake the remote, spin it in a given direction, bounce it up and down, etc. I used muscles in my arms that I didn't even know existed!!! Well, they have now been located!!! Thankfully we've had some warmer weather here so I've not had to wear a jacket. I tried to put one on just to wear around the house, and I had to seek help just to put it on!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

I LOVED playing those games, and if the truth be told, I will play them again - with or without the children. And, yes, I will probably pay for it again, too, but that's okay. Maybe I'm just a kid at heart... :)

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