Thursday, February 11, 2010

Praise Reports

I don't know how too many people get by without prayer. I'm a FIRM BELIEVER in prayer. We've been praying about my upcoming surgery and how much my thyroid is extending into my chest, if it is at all. PRAISE THE LORD I received a phone call that it is NOT extending into my chest, and it should be no problem to remove. We were also concerned about insurance not covering the CT scan, but we received a letter stating that they are!!! God is so good!!!

I went for a laryngoscopy last week to check out my vocal chords. That's where they take this tiny camera and shove it up your nose and down your throat to take pics of the vocal chords. It didn't hurt at all, but was more of a pressured feeling in my nose. I'm just thankful that I didn't sneeze!!! LOL The ENT doc told me my chords look good. (There is still a risk, however, with them being damaged during surgery, but I'm just relying on prayer and my Lord!)

Then today was echocardiogram day to check out the heart murmur I've had since I was a child. My pediatrician back then seemed to think I would outgrow it, but I never have. I haven't received the results from it yet, but I did find out the name of my murmur. It's HOCM. I have NO CLUE as to what that stands for. The technician told me, but it was so long and such an unfamiliar term that it basically went in one ear and slid right out the other side. 8)

Surgery is 1 week from Tuesday, and I greatly appreciate prayers. My mind is my worst enemy, and that is where I have a battle going on most of the time. I have to take my thoughts captive and surrender them to the Lord, and ask Him for His help to replace them with true, noble, lovely, and pleasing thoughts. And yet again, prayer is working!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, is there something that you need help with? Are you going through a difficult time? Prayer works!! Let me know if I can pray for you, and I will do it! God bless!

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