Thursday, February 12, 2009

LOST: 4 Front Teeth

Wednesday, February 11, was a big day for our daughter. She had to have 4 of her upper front teeth cut out by our dentist to make room for her permanent teeth. She was an absolute trooper!! She never whined, cried, or even grimaced. She is so brave when it comes to things like that. Bless her heart, she now looks like a saber tooth tiger! And of course I took before, during, and after shots. :o)


DURING (the puffy upper lip):


She was real excited about the tooth fairy coming, especially after she left her $5!!


Kelly said...

Poor baby--I'm glad she took it like a trooper! Around here, the tooth fairy not only brings money but buys milkshakes for the whole family (hint, hint). Or maybe we should change that to Krispy Kremes....

all4memories said...

Wouldn't milkshakes make a mess under everyone's pillow?? I think the Krispy Kremes would not be as messy. Ha!Ha!