Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meet the Newest Member of "THE FAMILY"

You know, it never ceases to amaze me how God works, even when we least expect it. Today we were having our devotion time before homeschooling, and it was about Rehoboam. It's one of those "less familiar" lessons that we don't know as well.

Our family has been faithfully praying daily for C.'s salvation. He's even been praying for himself to be saved. One time before, he had shared with us that he thought he had been saved, but after talking to him and digging, we just didn't have the confirmation from the Lord that we needed. Well, prayers paid off today!! Praise God!! We didn't get finished with our devotion completely when he raised his hand and said, "Mom, I feel like God has spoken to my heart and wants me to be saved." Well, Carl and I wanted to make sure that this was God and NOT just C. The more questions we asked, and the more we listened, we realized that it was an act of God. You should have seen his facial expression. He even LOOKED like he was sorry for his sins. Of course, I boo hooed, and so did Carl. Then C. prayed a sweet little prayer, asking God to forgive him of his sins, come into his heart, and save him. He was pretty specific in confessing his sins, asking God to forgive him for the way he has treated his sister, and the way he has treated Mama and Daddy.

So, we celebrated tonight with a hallelujah party (complete with home made pizza), because our entire family has a RESERVATION IN HEAVEN!!! We are very proud parents!!!!!

Carl and I talked later on. Neither one of us saw this coming. I mean, we knew it would happen.....................ONE DAY, but we didn't know today would be ONE DAY. What an awesome and an amazing God we serve. His plan is not on our timetable but on His..............and it's always right on time. :o)


Kelly said...

Praise the Lord! Our family has also had C. on our prayer list (along with other family members). I know you're happy.
Today, M. and K. are also coughing and slightly feverish, so please pray for them (and for me, too!). I dread the thought that I might miss Sunday services, too :(.

Leslie said...

Praise God!! How wonderful to be there when your child receives Christ. What a wonderful family memory.

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