Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Whirlwind

I don't have much to post about it, but I wanted to record the weekend's happenings since I'm using this blog sort of like a diary.

Mongum passed away on Friday morning at about 8:30. We spent Saturday at Carl's parent's house until time to receive friends from 5:00-8:00pm. (Our feet were so tired.) We went to church on Sunday, but we left after Sunday School, and went back to Carl's parent's until the funeral. The funeral was at 2:00pm, and the church was packed. Rev. Glenn Kelley spoke first, and then Carl sang Beulah Land. Rev. Carl Pointer spoke next, and Mark Tannery sang The Ages Shall Roll. Fud then got up and led in a congregational hymn - To God Be the Glory. Lastly, Ronnie O'Kelley prayed. After Ronnie prayed, the paul bearers (Carl, Ken, Ronnie, Austin, Jared, Leslie) went with the funeral home to take Mongum's body to be buried, while we stayed at the church for a "visitation" with friends. We then went to the fellowship hall, where the church fed us. The paul bearers came back, ate, and then we went back to Carl's parent's home to change clothes. After changing clothes we went to the graveside to see Mongum's grave. Mema told S. she could get any of the flowers she wanted, so she pulled various ones out of the spray.

We again went back to Carl's parent's house to gather up all of our stuff, and we went to hear Fud preach at his church. He wanted Carl to sing, so Carl sang the only song he had with him - Beaulah Land. He did a great job both times, but I thought he did exceptionally well at the funeral.

It was a busy and a tiring weekend, but we know Mongum is so much better off. She's strolling along those streets of gold now. :o)


Kelly said...

It sounds like you had a lovely celebration of Mongum's new life.  I hope the whole family is doing well.Love, K

all4memories said...

Everyone is doing well. Hope y'all are, too. Are you coming up with your hubby on Friday?

Kelly said...

Yes, we're all planning to come (barring unforeseen circumstances). It will be a very quick visit, though, as we have to be back here for an event on Sat. afternoon.