Monday, March 2, 2009


FINALLY we got some snow!!!! It came down in sucn big flakes for quite a long period of time. We had anywhere from 3-4 inches at our house, which is rather unusual. It was absolutely beautiful, waking up from my Sunday afternoon nap, gazing out through the sliding glass door, and being greeted by those huge, white flakes!

The photos above show a progression from when the snow first started falling around 4:15 Sunday, March 1 and as it went on through the evening, even into the night.

The photos below are from the next day (Monday, March 2) as we played in the snow with our neighbor's kids. We had fun sledding, throwing snowballs, and just enjoying God's beautiful painting of earth. :o)

Throwing snowballs can be somewhat dangerous! (Take a look at J.'s eye.)

These last two are my favorites!!!


Kelly said...

Rub it in, will you?!? It looks lovely and y'all made the most of it :). I wish we could have had a little, too, though.

dingdang said...

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