Friday, January 30, 2009

In Memory of Mongum

Mongum is walking on streets of gold now. You see, she ran into the arms of Jesus this morning (Friday, Jan., 30) at about 8:30. Boy, will we miss her, but we sure wouldn't ask her to come back. Are you kidding? She's in no pain. She can walk. As a matter of fact, the kids say she's doing cartwheels. The other night before they went to bed, Carl talked to them about how the end was near for Mongum. They were pretty upset, and I just hated that he told them this right before bedtime. I wanted them to sleep peacefully without worry, so I told them that everything was going to be okay because Mongum will be able to turn cartwheels in heaven if she wants to. This put a smile back on their little faces, and we all laughed through our tears. I was glad that they could go to sleep with a happy thought.

As soon as I got off the phone with Carl this morning to tell me about Mongum, through tears I told the kids. To my surprise they didn't cry. They looked at me with such excited eyes, and said, "Mama, she can do cartwheels now!" That put a smile back on my face.

The above picture is of us with Mongum on Christmas Eve. That was the last time we saw her looking like that. She went downhill from there. We will cherish this photo along with the wonderful memories we have of her.

We'll see you soon, Mongum!

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Kelly said...

I'm glad you got to spend that time with her at Christmas. Praise the Lord that she is healed now!
Love and hugs to you and your family from our family.