Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Children Say Some Profound Things....

A conversation on the way to church tonight............

S: Mama, how do blind people drive?
Me: They hook a dog to the front of the car, and it guides it.
S: It looks like the dog would be scared it would get run over.
Me: The dog can see. It's not blind.
S: Oh.
Me: I'm just kidding. Blind people can't drive.
C.: I hope if I get blind I can hook a dog onto the car and pull it all the way to Africa!
Me: I hope you never go blind.
C: Well, if I do I'll have a wife.
Me: So you'll go blind and get married?
C: No, I'll get married, and THEN I'll go blind.

If only he knew.......... :o)


Kelly said...

I love it! Messing around with your kids' heads is one of the perks of motherhood, right?
I posted a comment about your comment on my blog--I'm sorry I can't come up w/ a recipe of our green cake--it was a total accident :).

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