Friday, March 27, 2009

School Gets "Corny"

For a history activity today we made cornbread. That is what young little Betsy served President George Washington when he came to her house. The kids followed the recipe that we were given, even though I've never made cornbread with sugar in it. They made it. All I helped them do was measure the ingredients and pour it in the pan. It smelled so yummy while it was cooking that we couldn't resist trying it when it was done. It was very good; so good that I'll have to keep the recipe and use it again. Top it with just a little butter, and YUM-O!!


susancy said...

What's the recipe??

Kelly said...

Hey girl! We want the recipe too :). Don't tell me you made it up like I did the Leprechaun Cake LOL.

longge said...

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