Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Field Trip to Our Favorite Blacksmith

We had alot of fun today going on a field trip to see our favorite blacksmith. The work he does is very interesting. And I never realized how creative he was until today. Before he can mold the metal it has to be AT LEAST 1500 degrees. Then he uses the hammer, anvil, and whatever other tools he needs to complete his task. We all really enjoyed learning about blacksmithing, and he made us some little souvenirs to bring home, too.

We decided since we were up in that area to go to the county library there, if for no other reason, but to keep Leap of Faith's memory alive. :o) We each chose our books, and scanned them on the way to lunch...................

at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Again, all for the sake of Leap of Faith. :o)

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Kelly said...

That's just cruel, rubbing it in that you went to Our library and Our Mexican restaurant :). I know you enjoyed your day out & about. Great pictures!
Love to all :).