Monday, March 30, 2009

A Sweet Surprise

The flowers concerned me tonight. There was about 4 or 5 things that we needed from Wal-Mart. We were already in town, and it was late due to C.'s practice and eating supper. The plan was that I would be the only one to go in to save time. I wasn't in there but about 5 minutes; I grabbed the items we needed and headed to the checkout. I was surprised as I approached the checkout line that my husband and two children were checking out with something, too. I didn't know what had brought them in, but S. ran up to me and said, "Daddy bought you flowers!" I said to him, "I was only in here for 5 minutes. What could you have possibly done within that time??" To which he responded, "I'll tell you later." Okay, this really concerned me, because he normally doesn't just buy me flowers. I told the cashier that maybe they weren't for me. I'm still clueless.......... We get out to the truck, and my curiosity had the best of me. I had to know what was going on. He started to say, "At about 6:30 PM this very night, 18 years ago...," and it dawned on me as I thought of the date, March 30. "I put a ring on your finger and asked you to marry me." Wow! I hadn't thought anything about it, and I don't think we've ever celebrated this day, but today he chose to do something special. He's a great and thoughtful husband, and I'm glad I said, "YES!!!"

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