Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mountain Memories

Today we went to Dollywood with a mission: find Monkey Boy a belt that can have buckles interchanged (what he wanted as to be like Daddy's) and to see a couple of shows. We first saw Brian Free and Assurance. Later on we saw Soul'd Out Quartet. We enjoyed both groups.

In between the 2 shows we found Monkey Boy's belt and belt buckle. (See picture below.) He is very proud of this belt.

We had barbecue for lunch at the Hickory House in Dollywood, and it was very good!!

We also rode the old-time cars that Monkey Boy and Stinkerbelle can both ride by themselves. Daddy rode also while Mom made pictures. :o)

It was a good day.

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Kelly said...

Cute photos--I mean, cute kids :o). Tell MonkeyBoy congrats on his spiffy new belt!
Hope ya'll have a great time.