Monday, October 20, 2008

The "Lists"

We went back to Dollywood again today (Oct. 20), but before we had even left the room, Stinkerbelle and Monkey Boy both had their own agendas. They each had made a list of the rides they wanted to ride. (It was kind of funny. They see Mom making all kinds of lists all the time.) Monkey Boy's list contained 3 pictures - one of the bumper cars, one of the train, and one of Rockin' Roadway (aka the cars they can drive by themselves). We rode all of those but the train. Stinkerbelle, being the one who lives a little more dangerously when it comes to rides, drew a picture of bumper cars, Rockin' Roadway, Sky Rider, Scrambler (my favorite), and the Shooting Star. We were able to get all of hers in.

The horse you see in the picture was used in making sorghum syrup. The kids tried a sorghum syrup sucker. They said it was good. :o)

We heard Jeff and Sherri Easter again today, and this evening we heard Mike and Kelly Bowling. Kelly used to sing with the Crabb family. Both of those couples were great!!

For lunch, Daddy and I had an awesome salad from Backstage Restaurant. It's called Dolly's Smoky Mountain Salad. It was DELICIOUS!!!!! We got the salads to go so that Monkey Boy could have his pizza fix and Stinkerbelle have her noodles with alfredo sauce at Victoria's Pizza.

Later my mom and aunt (D) came up, and we met them at Cracker Barrel for supper - veggies, veggies, and more veggies - my favorite!!!!

Daddy and I made a quick round to the bookstore and then went back to the motel to get ready for bed.

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