Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blessed Day

We have had an awesome day today. We went to a worship service at Dollywood with the Kingdom Heirs.

We then had lunch at Aunt Granny's. It's a little on the pricey side, but we wanted veggies so that's about one of the only places that has them. The kids like it because they have ice cream. :o)

Next, we rode bumper cars, and I must say that Stinkerbelle and I got an extra hit in on Daddy and Monkey Boy. :o) After that, Daddy and Stinkerbelle went to ride Sky Rider, but since Monkey Boy and I do not prefer heights, we rode The Flying Elephants. I know what you're thinking. Yes, the elephants fly, but you control the flying, and they don't go up as high as Sky Rider. Monkey Boy informed me that we were not going to fly this time, but I convinced him otherwise. Actually, his hand was covering the button to make it fly, so I pressed HIS hand into it. He didn't mind. He always mashes it anyway, even after he's told me he doesn't want to fly.

Off to get in line to see Jeff and Sherri Easter we went. What a blessing!! You can tell that they love each other and their family so much, but most of all, you can tell that they love the Lord. Sherri was diagnosed back in July of this year with breast cancer, and she's finished up her 3rd round of chemo and is said to be cancer free. Praise the Lord!!!!

We left Dollywood, did a little shopping, and had supper at IHOP.

Monkey Boy had caused a little problem at the supper table, so he and Daddy went to take care of business in the restroom, while Stinkerbelle and I went to pay. One thing Daddy told Monkey Boy as they were meeting was that he needs to make sure his hands don't get him into trouble. Well, around the cash register was play cars and trucks, and as I was paying, Monkey Boy picked up his hands and told them, "I know you want to touch those cars and trucks, but you better not." We'll see how long that works.

I have more photos to post, but I am zapped, so I will try to upload some tomorrow to this post.

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