Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Day Late

This was supposed to be posted yesterday (Tuesday, Oct. 21), but it's a day late. :o)

We went back to Dollywood for the last time this trip. We saw the Skyline Boys. They were okay. Then we met Mama and Aunt D. for lunch at Backstage Restaurant, and I had that AWESOME salad again!!!

After lunch we all went to hear The Perry's. They were great. I had glory bumps during several of their songs. I even got to meet Libbi and talk with her after the show. They all are super nice and love the Lord so much. You can hear it when you just talk to them, and you can hear it in their songs, too. I'm actually working on one of their songs right now called "The Potter Knows the Clay." The song talks about all the trials we go through and how God knows how much we can bear. It's through those trials that we become stronger.

We then went to ride the train, while Mama and Aunt D. went to another show. After we rode the train, Stinkerbelle and I rode the Scrambler, which is our FAVORITE ride, while Daddy and Monkey Boy rode the Bumper Cars. We then joined the boys at the bumper cars for a little spin. Stinkerbelle couldn't leave Dollywood until she had ridden the Shooting Star one last time, so she did.

Coming home down the mountain was rather exciting. We saw a baby deer, and further down the rode we saw a bear lying dead on the side of the rode. We turned around to go back to see it. We found out that a couple in a car had hit the bear, and the bear had hit their windsheild, busted it, and then rolled down the hill to where he was lying. This couple's airbags had deployed, too, and they couldn't get any help because there was no cell phone signal!!! We along with another couple kept trying to dial 911, but there was no service until we got nearly into Cherokee. In the meantime of going back to see the bear, Monkey Boy became sick. We had to pull over several times on the way home so he could throw up. I felt so sorry for him. I just hate it when my children are sick.

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