Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Alarm

There's nothing like a relaxing morning, being able to sleep in with no place to be at any certain time - aaahhhh the joys of vacationing. Not the case this morning, however. The previous was the original plan, but the fire alarm sounding at 6:50 this morning sent us all bolting out of bed and out the door - in our pj's!!!!!! So much for the relaxing morning. It turned out to be set off by someone smoking in their nonsmoking room. So back to our room we go. This presented a GREAT "teachable moment" - a person's behavior doesn't affect just himself, but others as well, in this case the entire motel. What a practical lesson for our two since we are reminding them of this constantly, it seems.

****Please note**** I have no photos of this, but I did grab my camera bag as we headed out the door. Quit laughing, K!

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Kelly said...

You caught me! I couldn't help but grin about this--I would have done the same thing (and I would have grabbed Rosie, my red laptop, too).  Blog on, sister :o).Loved the photos of your daughter's b-day celebration--she's a young lady to be very proud of, as you well know.  Tell her happy b-day from all of our family.K