Monday, November 17, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

We are back home again. We would have been home earlier in the evening had we known that they had closed the road from Gatlinburg to Cherokee. We had no idea, and we were shocked. It hadn't even been that cold in Pigeon Forge. We saw the park ranger on the side of the road and asked him why it was closed, and he said because of snow and ice!

Before we left Pigon Forge, we had lunch at the Apple Barn. It had been a long time since we had eaten there, and it was delicious!! Daddy had a BLT, C and S shared a plate of chicken fingers, and I had Appalachian Chicken with apple relish.

We also did a little shopping before we headed home, so I was able to get a few Christmas gifts.

We had a good trip, but boy, do I have a lot to do!! :o)


Kelly said...

I'm envious--I haven't been to the Apple Barn in years! In fact, I haven't been to Pigeon Forge since N. was a baby (& he's turning 12 soon). My bro. & co. are going to Dollywood this weekend (again). Ahh...the lifestyles of the rich and famous :o).
Our big trip the library! After all, it's Tuesday.

all4memories said...

Well, you save a few bucks that way. (wink)