Friday, November 14, 2008

Birthday Events

We met Mema, Uncle J., and Aunt P. at The Olive Garden, which was S.'s choice, for lunch. They sang to her when they brought her ice cream sundae to her. Then we went on to Dollywood while the rest of the crew headed on home.

Upon arriving at Dollywood, we rode Rockin' Roadway first and then went to get some hot chocolate, but I had Spiced Caramel Apple Cider. Next we went to hear the Kingdom Heirs, and they announced Happy Birthday to S., and the band played a song for her. (Isn't she special??)

I had promised S. that she could do some crafts in Santa's workshop since she enjoys doing them so much. She and C. made a Shrinky Dink ornament and painted a suncatcher. They were cute.

We then headed to the Demolition Derby (bumper cars), and rode 3 times straight. At her request, S. rode with Daddy, and C. rode with Mom. Then S. rode the Shooting Star 2 times.

Next, S. and Dad went to ride the swings while C. and Mom rode the Flying Elephants. C. and Mom then watched Dad and S. ride Sky Rider until we all headed back to soar through the air on the Flying Elephants.

At C.'s request, we headed to the carousel - yet another ride that goes round and round. Dad and I were both a little dizzy, but S. and C. were unaffected by the continuous cycle. S. rode an ostrich, C. a zebra, Dad a horse, and Mom rode a deer.

We inquired as to where S. would like to eat supper, and she chose to stay in the park to eat at Red's Diner. Dad and S. had chicken, while C. and I had a burger. I wanted something other than chicken or turkey since that's usually about all I eat. I needed a change. :o)

For our last event, we rode the Polar Express in 4-d again. If you have a chance, you need to ride this very unique ride. It's pretty cool.

We had a good day and good times, celebrating with S. I hope she enjoyed it, too. (I believe she did.)


Kelly said...

Sounds like y'all really celebrated!  It'll be a tough act to follow next b-day :o).Hope y'all have a great Lord's Day!K

all4memories said...

No. We won't try to top it. We would have done the same things even if it hadn't been her birthday, except for the singing of course. :o)

mcnuggts said...

We three here hope you had a most wonderful 7th birthday Miss S.! Thinking of you!

And Mama S -- welcome to the highly addictive world of blogging. ;-)