Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Shows

We were able to catch some really great shows at Dollywood today, and we rode the train. One show in particular is probably our favorite. It's called "Smoky Mountain Christmas." At one point of the show the angel, Mary, and Joseph start out singing individually (solos), but then they all three start singing together, and it's not the same words, either. The angel is delivering (singing) the message to Mary about her being with child, Mary is singing about her questions and fears, and Joseph is singing about his questions and fears. You're probably thinking, "How in the world???" I can't explain it, but it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Another show we like is "Babes In Toyland," and probably after this particular show it will be one of Daddy's favorites, because he had Mary quite Contrary sitting on his lap. That's one of the privileges of sitting on the front row I guess? (grin)

We also enjoyed riding the Polar Express in 4-d. The seats actually move, shake, and lean as if you're really riding on the train, sliding across the ice. It's a unique experience.


Kelly said...

Sounds like y'all are having a great time! You could do advertising for Dollywood :o). I answered your comment on my blog.

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