Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all!!

Okay, I have worked all afternoon since I've been home (off and on), trying to get these photos downloaded from my new little camera so I could upload them here on my blog. The new software I had to install, made me take a different route from what I've been used to.

We had a yard sale today, and I hate to report that it just really wasn't worth it this time. (Monkey Boy didn't seem to mind. He has been looking forward to this sale, telling everyone we've seen about it. Who needs to advertise??) Normally we do pretty well, but this time we didn't. We've never waited this late in the year to have one, so I think that played a part, and maybe everyone is just not in any kind of "shopping mood." In all honesty, there wasn't even much traffic up and down the road. I think people are trying to be conservative, and I don't really blame them. But, on the upside, it was a GORGEOUS day!!

After the yard sale, we went to a local church's fall festival. We all had a good time, and the kids enjoyed bouncing around in some of the blow up items. Mama won a $10 gift card from Wal-Mart. Way to go, Ma!

We've had a long day, and we are zapped, but we get an extra hour of sleep tonight!!! Woohoo!!


Kelly said...

I enjoy looking at your photos-- tell me about your new camera! Oh, the food looks good, too.

all4memories said...

I used my birthday money to get one of the Elph cameras. I wanted something small and not expensive that I could just throw in my purse, take into Dollywood in a pocket, etc. It's pink and is pretty lightweight. I got a good deal on it. I'll try making a picture of it with my other camera so you can see it. I think I'm going to enjoy it.