Friday, November 14, 2008

Birthday Girl

Today is S.'s 7th b-day. We've been aggravating her all morning, telling her that she's an old lady now, but she insists that she's not.

What a blessing these few years have been. As I was praying for her this morning, I thought of her birthmom and wondered what she must feel on days like today. I prayed for her, too, because I can't help but believe she loved S. and wanted to give her the best life possible. S. doesn't say much about her birthmom, but when she does she usually mentions that she wishes she knew something about her. I wonder myself what she must be like, if she's doing okay now, is she still alive? There's no way to know any of that, but my prayer is that S. will feel the warmth of God's love around her all of her life no matter what may go on or what she may know or don't know.

I'll post later about today's birthday activities..............

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Kelly said...

Happy b-day, S.!!!  You are a wonderful girl and we love you :o).K