Friday, January 30, 2009

Always Be Ready

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the 2009 Women's LIfestyle Evangelism Conference with my mom and some other ladies. It was such a blessing, listening to all the speakers as they challenged us to share our faith. One speaker (Kim Hardy) informed us that she's a big chicken, but God has been helping her. She was sitting in the salon getting her hair done, when she felt the Spirit's prompting to share with the hairdresser. Of course, she did what most of the rest of us start doing - making excuses. She finally gave in and shared Jesus with this lady and led her to the Lord. That afternoon at home she noticed something coming across her tv screen. There had been an awful accident. She thought the name that rolled across her screen was that of her hairdresser from that morning, so she called the salon. They, through tears, confirmed to her that it was the hairdresser. It just goes to show you we just don't know what lies ahead for some. To know that just a few hours before this lady would have been bound for eternal damnation, but now she was in eternal bliss is nothing short of a miracle. We all need to be ready.

Another lady (Maria Owens) shared her testimony of how she married her HIV positive boyfriend after he had rebelled against God. He passed away several years ago, but now she lives in Columbia with her husband Ken and their 8 year old son.

Liz Curtis Higgs had a great sense of humor as she shared.

JoAnna Ward also shared her testimony with a twist of fitness. She was on the hit tv show Survivor: Amazon several years ago, and would sing "Hallelujah" at different times during the show. She let her light shine in the midst of the jungle.

I have photos, but they are still on my camera, so I'll load them at a later time.