Sunday, January 4, 2009

Catching Up

I'm going to try to get up-to-date in this one entry. I believe I left off with all the blue lights flashing. New Year's Day my mom, brother, and niece arrived in the mountains, so we all spent New Year's Day in Dollywood. Our plan was to come home today, but Mom graciously offered us a place to stay since she had the family suite. We couldn't resist. We all had a good day, riding rides and watching Babes in Toyland. We had soup for lunch, and it was good. It was so good, we ate the bowl - the bread bowl, that is.

So, then comes Friday, we're packing up to leave before heading to Dollywood with the entire crew, and my dad calls me up, offering to pay for another night, so we could all spend Saturday together in Dollywood. He was going to ride up with my brother and his family later on that evening. Carl and I talked about it and we had enough clothes, so we took him up on his kind offer. For lunch we dined with Aunt Granny. She had collards and black eyed peas - yum. Unfortunately, I only ate a pinch of collards because I'm a little afraid of them with my kidney stones. My comfort was that they weren't as good as Mama's. :o) We rode some rides and saw other shows. Supper was at O'Charley's. We arrived back to the motel, and transported our belongings to another room across the hall. Shortly thereafter, Daddy, T., T., L., and P. arrived.

Saturday, we departed for home, but not until we spent some part of the day at Dollywood with everyone. It turned out to be colder than what was predicted, and it came a rain shower a few times. We arrived home about 9, and tucked everyone in bed.

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