Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back In the Saddle Again

All work and no play makes for a very boring day. Isn't that how the saying goes? We hit the books again yesterday, trying to get back into a routine after the whirlwhind of a holiday.

I absolutely love the curriculum we use. It's called Beyond Little Hearts For His Glory. I love it because...
1. It's Christ-centered.
2. It's all laid out for you.
3. It uses items that are typically found around the
4. It's fun!

Let me elaborate on the fun part. Take a look at the photos above. We made ice cream today in school, and our children were delighted! (Of course, Mom and Dad were excited, too.) It was a real workout on the hands, though. :o)


Kelly said...

I'm glad everyone's well again! Making ice cream for school...homeschooling doesn't get any better than that :o).
Hmmm...it's Wednesday and you know what that means at our house. I wonder if making tacos could count for school?

all4memories said...

Maybe incorporate a little history of Mexico?? :o)

Unfortunately, neither the ice cream or tacos appeal to me right now. I think I may have a touch of what S. had. :o(