Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Cross

We had a special service tonight as we placed names of those lost family members and friends at the foot of the cross. We will be praying for these to come to know Christ. As I prayed tonight, I was reminded that my daughter's name was placed on that cross this time last year by myself and a friend of hers. God answered that prayer and she gave her life to Christ in May of last year!! It was our last day of homeschool. What a way to end a school year!! My sister-in-law's name was on there last year, too, and she was saved about 3-4 months ago! Does God take these names seriously? AMEN!! Do we take these names seriously? I pray we do.

My daughter made a prayer list of her own this year. These are the names she put on her list:
C. (her brother)
She is expecting God to do something in these people's lives. I was touched that she put Lily on her list. Lily is only 1 year old, but I couldn't tell her that Lily doesn't understand. Instead, I praised her for committing to pray for those names. God knows her heart, and I'm proud of her for doing this. She also told me that next year she'll add Peyton to her list. Peyton is 8 months old right now, so in her eyes, when he's one, he'll be old enough for her to pray for him to come to Christ. :o) How sweet! To have the faith of a child is what is pleasing to our Father. I know she has touched the very heart of God.

On another note, we had some sad news tonight as our Youth Minister resigned from his position. He doesn't have another church to go to, but felt like God was telling him his time was over at the church. We will miss him and his wife, but we also want them to be obedient to God. Please be praying for them.


Kelly said...

So sweet about S's prayer list! We, too, have some family members that we are holding before the Lord--but none of them are 1 yr old :o).
Sad and surprised about the youth minister! I'm sure God has a plan for them AND for the church, though. We will continue praying for the church as this adds to a difficult "transition" time.

Jan and Miekie said...

What a good way to make sure everyone is remembered in prayer! My Aunt Babs will be on top of my list: she is 86 and a Buddhist. (She features in some photos in my post on my nephew's special wedding at Kwasizabantu Mission.)