Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Round 4 and Lights Out

This is how it all started. C. had a virus while we were on vacation. The day we came home, Carl had a touch of it. Then, Sunday S. had it. So today we are on round 4 of it, as I have had it. Thankfully, Carl nor I either one had the same effects as the kids, but felt pretty bad. Hopefully it's made it's rounds, and we are on the upside of it.

We were not going to church tonight because of me being sick anyway, but as Carl was on his way to church from work, he received a call from a member saying they had cancelled services because the power was out. The wind has been horrible today - very strong, violent in some places, but God has taken care of us. Praise Him!

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Kelly said...

Sorry to hear that you're the lucky recipient of the bug now. Hopefully it'll be short-lived b/c moms are not allowed to be sick!
The wind was very strong here today, too, but no power outages (that I know of).