Thursday, January 8, 2009

Taking Care of Mom

I didn't even mention this yesterday, and I regretted it today, so I wanted to make a whole separate post of how my 2 wonderful children took care of me yesterday while I was sick. I never asked them to do anything for me. We were able to have our school time. I fixed lunch for them, and I laid out on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. Every now and again S. or C. would ask if they could get some Sprite for me or if I needed anything. It was very sweet, and I feel very blessed to have 2 caring children. I heard S. tell C. one time (when he was playing with his rather loud police car) to take it to his room because "Mom is trying to rest." :o) I'm thankful that they took care of me. It gives me hope that when I'm old and gray they may be willing to change my Depends. Ha! Ha!


Kelly said...

I always knew they were "keepers"! I hope you all are well and have a terrific weekend!

TexasNeals said...

wow, that's wonderful! what a blessing to have your kids be so considerate!
thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. i love that we can all encourage one another!!! :)

Jan and Miekie said...

Your children sound wonderful - I bet it is because of the example you set! We'll be starting homeschool next week. This week I'm still on summer vacation! Last few days!