Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm sure you gathered from yesterday's post that Dollywood was very crowded. We found out today that it was the biggest crowd they've ever had. As soon as we walked in the front entrance we could barely take a step without bumping elbows with someone. Today was a little better. We rode the Demolition Derby and saw Smoky Mountain Christmas, which was awesome!!!

I must tell you about a tag that I saw today. On the back of the truck in front of us at a red light was a license plate that read "DIVORCD." I just had posted about our anniversary, and here's a guy who seemed to be pretty proud of his "accomplishment". I don't understand. It's a sad state we live in.

Some of you who read this may wonder about the photo of the red van. We saw that church van parked at Wal Mart. Who would have known that there was another one?

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