Friday, December 12, 2008

Living Out Loud With a Leap of Faith

We were able to visit Leap of Faith's home this past Monday. What a great day we had. It was relaxing and fun. We were able to do some catching up since we hadn't seen each other in a month or so. All the kiddos looked liked they had grown inches since we last saw them. S. and K. just picked up where they left off, and C. played with M. and N. C. was very impressed by N.'s vast dinosaur collection.

We traveled to the church for a tour and met some very nice folks there, then we headed back to LOF's home. E. just had to ride with us because my kids would have it no other way. (They both love E. so much.) And I didn't mind since the person that I was supposed to follow to the church flew like a bullet. (Just had to tease a bit.)

Our hubby's grabbed some pizza for lunch, and we all chowed down. Then, how should I say this?, we "went for a drive," but it wasn't on the road. :o) I never knew how bad my driving was until playing this game, and I have come to one conclusion: I stink at Mario Kart!!

We couldn't leave until we tried some Mexican food. It was good, and again, we did more catching up and eating. It was a fun time, and we can't wait to visit again!


Kelly said...

Good times!
Y'all come back, now...ya hear?

all4memories said...

We're looking forward to it. C. told me the very next day that he missed all of y'all. Feel free to drop by here some time, too.

dingdang said...

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