Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Taste (and a Touch) of Heaven

Mom: So, what did you think?
7 year old: It was real good.
Mom: It's really amazing that we talked about all of this yesterday, about how some children don't have parents because they died from sickness since they didn't have the medicine and the doctors that they needed to help them. Then the children are left alone - without parents to provide the things that they need.
7 year old: Maybe God's trying to do something in you and me.
Mom: Yes, I think so.

So went the conversation between a mom and her 7 year old daughter tonight after seeing the International Children's Choir. Such wisdom is found in what that 7 year old girl said. We are so blessed that we forget how blessed we are. We need reminders every now and again. We need God to stir our hearts.

This International Children's Choir is made up of orphans from all around the world. To see the smiles on these children's faces amd the way they praised their Creator, you would never guess the circumstances from which they came. What an awesome blessing they were. And yes, orphans have a special place in my heart as my heart has been touched, changed, if you will, by an orphan. This same child asked me tonight, "Do you think that might have happened to my Mom and Dad; that they got sick and died?" My reply was, "I don't know. We don't have any way of knowing for sure, but it could have happened that way."

These conversations really stirred my heart tonight because they were conversations between my 7 year old daughter and me. What is God doing? I don't know, but I do know that He also holds a special place in His heart for orphans.


Kelly said...

Super post!  I wish I could have heard the choir of children.E. kept nursery for choir practice last night--she said she misses S. and C. and thinks about them all the time so I think it did her good.Miss you all!K.

Jan and Miekie said...

What a wonderful experience for these youngsters. I was the principal of a preschool for children from severely disadvantaged backgrounds for 7 years. Many of them were orphans and raised by aunts, grandmothers or even sisters! There was this refugee grandmother from the Congo who could only speak French - her grandson translated for her. He was as thin as a match, but as bright as a button. Sadly South African parents die because they get sick - "no one" dies from AIDS. And now we have this terrible crisis in Zimbabwe where thousands are dying of cholera - that on top of all the hardship that they already suffer.
There is a Monument for the Unknown child at my (previous) pre-school. Maybe I should do a post about it sometime!