Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Dollywood was closed today, so we did a little driving around and shopping. We found the Beef Jerky Outlet - just in case you may ever need it. :o)

I guess the "highlight" of our day was riding in a brand new, yellow, four door, four wheel drive Dodge Ram. I have been wanting a yellow vehicle for many years now, and I made the mistake of mentioning to my husband that if we ever found a YELLOW 4 door truck, I would trade the van in. Now, to him the color makes no difference, but I told him that if I got rid of the van (which I LOVE driving - maybe a proud emblem of motherhood?), the truck would HAVE TO BE yellow. And what do you know, we found one today while riding around. We were all able to take a spin together while Carl drove (with the salesman beside him). While we were driving down the rode, the kids continuously hollered,"This truck is awesome!!" This was quite embarrassing. (Sitting between them in the back didn't help much.) :o) We didn't buy it or trade our van in, because they seemed to cherish the truck a little more than we did.

We are now back in our motel room, watching the Hallmark channel as they have their Christmas movie marathon. We have Cranberry Sierra Mist Free, pork rinds, beef jerky (not from the outlet), and kettle corn, so I guess we'll have a private celebration, since we found no one's party to crash. :o(


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